Diving Liveaboard Cruises in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

We are pleased to offer to avid adventurer divers a world-class Australasian diving destination: Papua New Guinea, which has some of the best and clearest dive sites in the world. With an amazing visibility of 30m plus year round, the region is host to an extremely rich marine life, the ultimate resource for underwater photographers and marine biologists. With WWII leaving its toll there too, some excellent wreck diving can be done in pristine and rarely dived sites. According to recent surveys, the Coral Sea has some of the richest marine life in the world, and some species of nudibranches and some other invertebrates can only be encountered here.

Geographically situated north of the Cape York peninsula in Queensland, Australia, Papua New Guinea is part of a huge island divided politically in two: the Indonesian Irian Jaya in the west, and the independent country of Papua New Guinea in the east. The country is part of the Oceania continent and lies in the Coral Sea with the Strait of Torres in the south and the Solomon Sea in the east.

Papua New Guinea (or PNG) was first discovered by Spanish and Portuguese navigators in the 16th century. PNG later came under Dutch control, and then German dependence until the British took a mandate from the League of Nations in 1920 and left the place under Australian administrative control. In December 1941, after Japanese invasion, Papua New Guinea became a Japanese stronghold, specifically the islands of New Britain and New Ireland in the east. Papua and New Guinea finally became a unified state in 1949 and PNG is today a constitutional monarchy and is a member of the Commonwealth.

The capital city of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby, which can be reached by air from major cities in Australia and Asia. The national airline Air Niuguini flies all across Asia. The climate in Papua New Guinea is regulated by monsoons and the temperature is from 23°C to 33°C, depending on the period of the year. The best time to visit is during the dry season: from May to October (the wettest months are from December to March).

We propose land based and liveaboard diving packages in one of the best resort areas of the country: Tufi, a mere 250km due east of Port Moresby and in Milne Bay for the liveaboard cruise. Air transportation is provided from Port Moresby every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and soon Thursday. Once on location, the resort of Tufi is very close and divers can start diving from the shore on the very same day. The Tufi Resort wharf offers the best "muck" diving in the area and is a paradise for macro photography.

Diving package at Tufi Resort

7 nights accommodation and full board meal plan,

3 dives a day for 5 days

Price: 1,790 AUD

Milne Bay Liveboard diving Cruises on board MV Chertan

M.V. Chertan has been in Milne Bay for over 16 years and is the only current liveaboard vessel in Milne Bay.

Milne Bay has been recognized as one of the World's finest dive destinations. This has been largely due to the access to both large and small creatures that are often found on many of the rich coral mounds, walls and muck sites that make up a typical Chertan dive itinary. Rob Vanderloos, the owner operator of the M.V. Chertan, and your host on voyages around Milne Bay, is one of the Pioneers of Diving in Milne Bay. He has been Exploring and establishing dive sites in Milne Bay for over 35 years, and has built up a knowledge of Milne Bay dive sites like no other.

MV Chertan Liveaboard Cruises in Milne Bay,

4-5 dives a day

6 Nights: 1,980 US$ per person

10 Nights: 3,280 US$ per person

12 Nights: 3,950 US$ per person

M.V. Chertan is a purpose built liveaboard dive vessel which began operations out of Alotau, the capital of Milne Bay Province. The vessel is manned by a full complement of highly qualified crew and includes some of the best spotters available in the business.

On board MV Chertan the living is easy. One of the most memorable "post diving" experiences is the food, where the freshness of the rich offerings of the region is unmatchable. Please contact us for schedule and availability.

Schedule 2015

June14-24 10 nights

June 30-July 9 9 nights - 2,950 US$ -

July 11-20 9 nights

July 22-Aug 2 10 nights

Aug 5-15 10 nights

Aug 20-30 10 nights

Sept 2-11 9 nights

Sept 13-23 10 nights

Nov 2-16 14 nights muck diving (special macro) - 4,150 US$ -

Nov 30-Dec 14 14 nights muck diving

Dec 13-22 9 nights regular


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