In our never-ending quest of finding the best dive spots in the world for you, the keen divers eager for new underwater adventures, we have found an exquisite place in Asia: Okinawa and its extraordinary landscapes, culture, people, and underwater beauties.

Okinawa is an archipelago of hundreds of islands and islets situated in the very deep south of the Japanese archipelago. Although part of Japan for centuries, Okinawa has always had its own original culture and traditions, making the place very different from mainland Japan. Under the control of both Chinese and Korean before belonging to Japan, Okinawa developed a mixed culture unique to the area and has been fathering activities such as karate, traditional fishing methods, and some of the richest folklore in Japan.

As a tropical place, Okinawa is hot and warm year round with extremely clear waters, where visibility can reach 50 meters and more! Water temperature is between 20°C in the winter and 31°C in the summer. Divers will enjoy a tremendous variety of underwater landscapes and marine life. While admiring the amazing underwater megalith structure of Yonaguni off the southernmost tip of the Okinawa archipelago, divers will be stunned by dog tooth tunas, giant barracudas, and the schooling of hammerhead sharks between January and March.

Photo USS Emmons courtesy Klaus Stiefel

Our operator will take you to the famous dive sites of Kerama and Ikei islands, Hedo Point, and the shipwreck of the U.S.S. Emmons. The best time of the year to dive Okinawa is from May through September. Winter has very good visibility but the sea conditions can be choppy due to the strength of the dominant wind. Manta rays are often spotted on these locations and the pelagic life is very abundant.

August~November is the typhoon season.

One of the most amazing underwater mysteries in the world is the Yonaguni megalith structure, which is believed to be a relic of a very ancient civilization from its evident craftsmanship.

Discovered in 1985 by Mr. Kahachiro Aratake, who was looking for schooling hammerhead sharks in the area, this 100 meter long structure laying at 27 meters (90 feet) has been since studied by scholars, who believe that the structure was actually well above sea level thousands of years ago. It could have been either a shrine or a quarry where stones were cut and carved to be transported elsewhere.
     The site, some 100 km off the Taiwanese coastline, but still in Japanese waters, is often exposed to strong currents, but your guide will always find a way to get protected and to drift around the structure to maximize its exploration. Visibility at Yonaguni is famously in the range of 40 meters (130 feet) plus, allowing excellent underwater pictures and video taking.

Dive Yonaguni Package
7 Days / 7 Nights, 5 Diving Days
10 Boat Dives: 1,900 US$ per person in double occupancy room

Package includes: Accommodation in a traditional Japanese inn (minshuku), all meals, airport transfers from Naha, taxes, and services, tanks and weights, dive supervisor and guide.

Extra: Dive equipment rental, airfares to Naha in Okinawa.

Diving Packages to Kerama, Ikei Islands, Hedo Point
ull _The Wreck of the U.S.S. Emmons

7 nights package: 1,500 US$ per person

Note: The resort on Miyuki Beach has full scale international facilities with shopping mall, traditional hot spa (onsen), restaurant, bar, and golf course. Divers will be accommodated in traditional tatami rooms with Japanese style futon beds. Western style accommodation can be arranged upon request at no extra charge.

Access to Okinawa can be done from Tokyo and Osaka. Taipei and Seoul also offer direct flights to Naha.


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