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Diving Career Development in Varna, Bulgaria

With the European Diving Career Institute

NAUI Leadership and Instructor Courses Packages

     Consult Dive International, a NAUI Platinum Pro Member and the European Diving Career Institute a NAUI Gold Pro Member in Varna, Bulgaria are cooperating in the development of multi-lingual Diving Professional  Programs, leading the candidates to the rating of NAUI Instructor and NAUI / ASHI First Aid-CPR Instructor.


     Candidates are welcomed at the Institute in an all inclusive training package, where the learning process is facilitated by maximizing the personal attention brought to them. The Institute offers completely integrated facilities with accommodation, meals, pool, classroom, on location transfers to dive sites and a staff available 24 hours for individual feed back after regular classes and training hours.
     Courses are run in different formats depending on the level of certification of the candidates joining the programs. The Institute offers regular NAUI leadership and Instructor Training Courses (ITC) as well as complete professional development programs from Rescue Diver up to Instructor levels.


Ship Wreck off Varna


Available Courses at the European Diving Career Institute


NAUI ITC-Preparatory Course: For non-NAUI leaders who wish to become NAUI Instructor - 2 Days -
NAUI ITC: The Instructor Training Course, this training qualifies candidates as NAUI Instructor upon satisfactorily completion of the course - 8 Days -
NAUI / ASHI First Aid and CPR Instructor Course - 2 Days -
NAUI Staff Training Workshop: Qualifies active NAUI Instructors to staff and evaluate in NAUI ITC - 1 Day -
NAUI Instructor Trainer Workshop: Qualifies active NAUI Instructors with teaching experience to run their Instructor Training Program (ITP) and the ITC-Preparatory course - 10 Days in conjunction with an ITC -

Pre-requisites to enter these courses: Be a NAUI leader or equivalent, 18 year old, have a minimum of 60 logged dives, have his/her own diving equipment, and have a medical clearance for professional recreational diving activities.

EDCI Two Complete Pro Packages

     Experienced divers who wish to become professional recreational instructor can join our special all inclusive Pro Career Package: the diver will need to be an Advanced Diver with any recognized agency, be 18 year of age minimum, have his/her own diving equipment and have a minimum of 30 logged dives to enter the program.
     Candidates meeting this criteria will be trained up to NAUI Instructor and First Aid-CPR Instructor after the completion of the following courses: NAUI First Aid-CPR, Rescue Diver, Master Diver and Divemaster. Then the candidates will enter the ITC and the first aid-CPR instructor course.


     Responding to an increase in demand for full Pro Packages, we are offering the following training package at the European Diving Career Institute, Varna:
     From NAUI Advanced diver to NAUI Divemaster, intensive training of 25 days as follow:
     -Non leadership training, candidates must be certified beginner diver from any recognized agency with a minimum of 10 logged dives, training will carry through: NAUI Advanced, Rescue, First Aid/CPR, Master diver courses, then through the NAUI Divemaster course.
     Then, a period of 2 full weeks of internship will follow where the Divemaster candidates, already fully trained, will assist instructors in courses, lead divers on site, attend dive center activities, contacts, public relation, customer services, air filling station and compressor work, small boat handling.
     Once completed successfully, the candidate will receive the prestigious rating of NAUI Divemaster, most respected Divemaster credential in the diving industry, seasonal employment assistance will be provided as much as possible.
     This Pro Career Program will be run in full internship, with accommodation, all meals, and logistical support on location. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 4 candidates per Program to maximize the training and personal attention.

Dates of the next Pro Career Package 1 and 2: May, June, August 2010
NAUI ITC - 10 Days with Prep Course - Aug 25th/Sept 03rd 2010

 ITC-Prep + ITC + ASHI First Aid/CPR Instructor -10 Days: 2,300 US$

Pro Career Package 1 (with ITC) - 3,990 US$ - 25 Days with accommodation and meals
Pro Career Package 2: Advanced to NAUI Divemaster - 1,950 US$ - 25 days with accommodation and full board at the Institute.

     Packages include: All accommodation (double rooms with satellite television) and meals, local transfers, certification fees up to leadership level, tanks, weights, all training dives (shore and boat), unlimited access to Institute facilities, recognition materials, gala graduation dinner, complementary Varna visit.
     Extra: all flights to location, manuals for corresponding courses.

NAUI Staff Training and Instructor Trainer Workshops upon request
We train our own staff for running our Instructor Training Courses!...

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