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Dive the Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya or Manado in Sulawesi. Liveaboard or land bases packages. The core of the stunning indo-pacific region, viewed by countless marine biologists as the planet's underwater inner garden as it was the only place in the world untouched bu the last Ice Age.

Indonesia also offers among the greatest diving destinations on Earth in places such as Sulawesi (Manado and Wakatobi), Komodo, Flores, Alor, and of course the Indonesian part of New Guinea: Irian Jaya.
 We are glad to provide our customers with the best diving liveaboard cruises or land based packages in the core of the Indo-Pacific region, epitomized by the Sulawesi and the group of Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores to Alor in its eastern part. This region is now recognized by numerous Marine Biologists as the best and most preserved underwater realm on Earth, the only place which actually escaped the last Ice Age, keeping a variety of species completely endemic and unique to the place.

Manado is one of the most famous dive locations in South-East Asia, and deservedly so. Spectacular wall dives, a proliferation of corals and fish, including reef sharks, rays, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, barracuda, and sea snakes, bumphead parrotfish, morays, plus the area's rugged, undamaged beauty keep bringing divers back. The whole area is a national marine park, resulting in excellent numbers and variety of fish. Currents range from mild to about 2 knots, making usually easy diving. Manado is in north Sulawesi, Indonesia. There are 5 islands in Manado Bay, all within an hour's boat ride, and over 20 dive sites.
Bunaken Island, with 13 dive sites, offers wall dives with fantastic coral growth and lots of fish. Manado Tua is a dormant volcano with wall dives, caves, and lots of big fish. Here is also the famous Barracuda Point, where there is a resident school of large barracuda in the hundreds. There is also a wreck at Manado. There are some lovely black corals and gorgonians to make a visit worthwhile.

Manado land based resort diving package, 10 Dives

7 Nights and 5 Diving days with full board, tanks, weights & DM

Price: 850 Euros per person in double/twin accommodation

Scuba Diving Liveaboard in Komodo and Sorong on board the SY Ondina

Since July 2001 The SY Ondina is offering a different way to enjoy adventure and exploratory diving in the Inner Seas of Indonesia aboard a Classical 32m wooden buginese schooner entirely built with teak and tropical woods.

S.M.Y. Ondina is built by divers for the divers.

Diving Cruises on board the SY Ondina, Labuan Bajo to Komodo

Sunday to Saturday, 6 nights with 4/5 dives a day

Price: 1,200 Euros per person (+ park fees and Bali return flight)

Diving Cruises Rajah Ampat, Sorong-Sorong, 10 Nights

Price: 2,400 Euros per person + 150 Euros fees and surcharge

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