DivingTravel.Com has a strong commitment to the protection of our Oceans and the Environment as a whole. We strongly believe that scuba divers worldwide should be the best ambassadors for our Oceans.

It is common sense now to acknowledge the fact that our destiny as human being is directly connected to the destiny of the Seas and Oceans of our planet. Isn't it where we come from in the first place?

We have been diving for over two decades in numerous locations across the globe, and it is a matter of fact that environmental issues are becoming more and more a necessity for quick and efficient action! In some regions, we witnessed a near complete depletion of coral reefs and general fish supply in as short a period of time as 5 years!....Developing countries are even more at stake than the western countries in the hands of greedy and ruthless politicians and contractors whose sole consideration goes to profit and margins.

The most urgent environmental issues to address worldwide are: industrial wastes, random and uncontrolled tourism projects development, over fishing, and fishing methods such as drift nets, dynamite fishing, cyanide fishing, illegal whaling and the reduction of the overall global fishing fleet, which is far too important to sustain ocean species reproduction.

For the protection of marine life and ocean conservation, we support the Sea Sepherd Conservation Society as the society able to physically impact and enforce regulations on our oceans with a direct action model extremely efficient.

Like us please support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Environment Commitment