Australia is home to the biggest and longest coral reef unit in the world: the Great Barrier Reef, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its reputation for warm and clear water conditions is second to none, and this over 2,000 km long barrier reef (spreading from the far northern York peninsula, all the way down to northern Brisbane), offers one of the best tropical coral reef ecosystems in the world.

The variety of corals and marine critters on the Great Barrier Reef is only matched by some very specific regions in the Indo-Pacific area such as Manado, and the islands spreading east of Bali, from Komodo to Alor. The Great Barrier Reef is a dream destination for many divers worldwide, and we are glad to offer our expert customers superb cruises on the Great Barrier Reef, from Cairns, on board the new and specifically designed MV Spirit of Freedom, a state of the art new liveaboard cruise vessel, diving the Cod Hole and the Coral Sea.

MV Spirit of Freedom propose different itineraries on 3, 4 of 7 nights formats.

Access to Cairns is by domestic flight from any major city in Australia. Cairns is well served by multi flights per day and a good bus network. Cairns has become one of the most visited towns on the Great Barrier Reef and scuba diving activities there are second nature to locals and visiting foreigners.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef on onboard MV Taka, 7 nights diving cruises Friday to Friday...

Liveaboard Cruises: the Vessels and Destinations

We propose two cruises with departures from Cairns:M.V. Sprit of Freedom, will bring divers from Cairns to a 3 daydiving cruise to the very famous Cod Hole, where huge potato cods meet regularly with divers. There is also a 4 day cruise available to the Coral Sea. Combining both cruises in a 7 day program is not only possible, but it brings the best combination for diving the Great Barrier Reef and maximize your stay in this unique location.
     We haMV. Reef Encounter with departures from Cairns. The originality of the concept is that there are no fixed departure dates, the vessel staying out on the reef, the divers are transferred every day morning for increased scheduling convenience. Cruises are made on a 3, 4, 5 or 6 days format departure date up to the divers!

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MV Spirit of Freddom  MV Taka II  MV Reef Encounter

MV. Reef Encounter with departures from Cairns. the originality


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