DivingTravel.Com has been created in 1998, and is the online dive travel branch of Consult Dive International (1995), a dive education and business development consultancy, now based in Japan.

DivingTravel.Com is the result of over 2 decades of diving experience worldwide. We developed very strong tie up with the best dive professionals on the field through the years and we are proud to represent in 2015, a fleet of over 30 liveaboard dive vessels in 20 different countries, and to offer dive packages in more than 20 different countries altogether.

We strived through the years to promote the best dive places in the world, and the safest operators for the greatest enjoyment of our customers, most of them returning customers, with who we built an unbreakable relationship as the result of our commitment to quality, the environment, high standards of safety, and our desire to always satisfy better our valuable customers. Quality Service is not just a motto at DivingTravel.Com, it is a mission and a pledge to all divers worldwide.
     We will bring you the best diving holidays money can buy, with the best operators, specifically selected for your comfort, convenience and enjoyment. We sent successfully and safely (zero accident record) thousands of divers in the most various underwater dream world on Earth, and we promise we shall continue to do so for the decades to come. We share one single passion with our customers: the love of the Ocean and underwater beauty, and our accumulated experience in the aquatic realm make us second to none to be your expert counsel for your best diving holidays!

Because we believe that YOU deserve the best diving holidays possible, we shall continuously search for new destinations, new vessels, new operators, and new adventures for all to enjoy.
     Our quest will never end, and new dive packages will be offered in the months/years to come, reinforcing the already unique online catalog of dive destinations an agency has to offer.

DivingTravel.Com became through the years a leader in online dive travel, and we will continue to serve you the best you deserve, simply because we care!..

Please let us become your scuba diving counselor !


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